COVID-19 Policy

As the regulatory and advisory requirements concerning the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, please refer back to this page for Bladework Fencing Club’s official COVID-19 policy. The club endeavors to comply with, at a minimum, all of the provincial regulations as well as the Canadian Fencing Federation and Ontario Fencing Association advisories.

Submission of a COVID-19 Declaration is required to gain access to the venue. Participating athletes, spectators, non-participants as well as coaches are all required to fill out their individual declarations on every date of entry. The declaration is linked here:

According to the Ontario Fencing Association, the reopening of fencing activities falls under Section 16 of the Stage 3 reopening plan in Ontario; see this page for more information:

Starting July 16 2021, indoor gathering sizes are limited to 50% of the fire code limit. As well face masks may be temporarily removed for training and physical activities. Individuals not training, either spectators or those participants taking breaks, must wear a face covering. If drinking water please ensure a 2m distance with others.

Additional care will be taken during training activities such as physical conditioning, footwork, and drills so that athletes will be able to maintain a 2m physical distance between themselves. Athletes are encouraged to wear face coverings during contact training such as bouting. If you would like to wear a face mask during contact activities it is suggested to exchange wet masks for dry ones immediately. Therefore bring at least 4 reusable masks to help maintain the effectiveness of your protection. During sparring the period interval breaks occurring at 3 minutes or 8 touches shall be extended to 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds to give athletes using face coverings extra time to recover their breath as well as to afford them enough time to exchange a potentially dampened face covering with a dry one. 

No fencer may borrow equipment or leave behind equipment at the facility. All equipment and personal belongings brought to the venue must leave with the participant that they arrived with. 

Sanitizing spray will be provided for common-use equipment such as pistes and scoring machines. It is mandatory to sanitize all common items after every use. 

Handshaking was customary after a match but is now prohibited and should be replaced by a salute.

Every attendee’s personal health and safety is an absolute priority for Bladeworks Fencing Club. Please forward any concerns to the coach on duty immediately to receive prompt and confidential action. In addition, inquiries can also be directed to: [email protected]